Beautiful Day in the Mountains

After a rainy damp start to the day, the clouds are blowing off Iron Mountain and there is blue sky and sun casting shadows on my deck.  Hooray!  It’s going to be a great day and weekend.  

I feel sorry for those in the Northeast.  Having lived there through a number of super snow storms, I know what they are going through.  And that is one reason when I built the Iron Mountain Inn I put in a 15,000 watt generator which comes on automatically if the power is off for more than 30 seconds.  And it will run the entire Inn for 4 days or more!

But tomorrow February 9th is Charles Darwin Day at the Grey Fossil Site.  The following is the schedule for the day.  Sounds like some interesting lectures.

The schedule for Darwin Day includes:

 10:00 “Darwin, the Bible, and Public Response to Evolution: From the Scopes Trial to the 21st Century,” presented by Dr. Joseph Baker, Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology, ETSU.

• 11:30 “Lunchtime Evolution Discussion,” led by Drs. Blaine Schubert, Steven Wallace and Jim Mead, Dept. of Geosciences and Natural History Museum, ETSU. Topics include human evolution, transitional forms, scientific creationism, intelligent design, and more.

 1:30 “What’s in a Name? Fifty Fun Ways to Name a Fossil,” presented by Dr. Mick Whitelaw, Dept. of Geosciences and Natural History Museum, ETSU.

• 3:00 “Stellar Evolution and Its Impact on the Evolution of Life,” presented by Dr. Don Luttermoser, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, ETSU.

Activities for all ages will be held throughout the day, which includes lessons on the following topics, human evolution and why humans are primates, how natural selection works, and understanding geologic time and evidence from the fossil record.

For more information, call the ETSU Natural History Museum at (423) 439-3659 or email

And book a room at the Iron Mountain Inn B&B or Creekside Chalet so you can relax after your visit to the Museum.

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