How To Cook a Wolf

How To Cook A Wolf

Back in 1942 when food supplies were beginning to be limited and people were trying to make do with less, a famous cookbook author, M.K. Fisher wrote a wonderful cookbook called How To Cook A Wolf.  My mother, NOT a chef, barely even a cook, purchased the book to see how she might make our food ration stamps go further.

Today, I enjoy reading the Table of Contents before even checking the recipes:

I.How to be sage without hemlock
II. How to catch the wolf
III. How to distribute your virtue
IV. How to boil water
V. How to greet the spring
VI.How not to boil an egg

And the list goes on till XXI – How to practice true economy

The book not only contains recipes for meals like Turkish Hash, but also how to make Vodka.  The one recipe my mother used most was for hard sauce.   Mother didn’t make pies, but she did make Apple Brown Betty and the hard sauce made it seem extra special.  We often had it on Sunday dinner as a treat.

Hard Sauce
¼ cup butter (or vegetable shortening, I hate to admit)   ED NOTE:  I remember squeezing the margarine packages to get the “butter color”
½ cup powdered sugar
2 Tablespoons lemon juice
Rum (if you like it

Beat until very fluffy.  (Add ¼ cup chopped nits if desired.) ED NOTE: We never had nuts

Chill in a bowl and serve with hot gingerbread or any other hot cake….or as we did Apple Brown Betty


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