Waiting waiting waiting

The biggest bugaboo for bed and breakfast innkeepers is those guests who say they will arrive between say  1-4 so the innkeeper prepares for their arrival.  4 p.m. arrives no guests.  5 p.m.  no guests. 6 p.m. no guests. 7 p.m. still no guests and no call to let the innkeeper know their arrival time.

Sometimes innkeepers do like to go out to dinner together, meet friends for coffee, attend Chamber events and so forth.  This is especially a problem with single innkeepers who can’t leave while waiting for guests since there is no one to leave to welcome the guests.

It would be nice for guests visiting bed and breakfasts, renting vacation rental homes, or visiting friends to give the hosts a “heads up” as to their plans.  To me it’s just common courtesy to advise your hosts (friends or commercial) if your plans have changed or if you will be 2 or more hours later than planned.

But in many respects, old-fashioned manners seem to have disappeared along with more formal lifestyles.  Clothing, for example, no one seems to dress up anymore.  I admit, I enjoy not having to struggle with heels and stockings and gloves and a hat just to go shopping.

However, there are times when it would be nice to see a Broadway theater looking well dressed.  Opening night of the Metropolitan Opera, the Berlin Opera House or even the Budapest Symphony – it would be nice to go back to the formal nights for openings.  That’s what makes the old movies on TMC so much fun – to see well dressed people acting in a formal manner with politeness usually!

Of course, right now I’m sitting typing this in jeans, sneakers and a sweatshirt and if I decide to go out to grab a bite to eat, I’ll not change!  But when I meet friends for dinner, then I try to put on less casual clothing.  And when I attend the theater whether Broadway or Barter in Abingdon, VA, I try to dress in a suitable manner, not wearing torn jeans, t-shirts with slogans and especially baseball hats worn backwards.

And why do even well-mannered men seem to think it is ok to wear a baseball hat in the house?  And come to the dinner or breakfast table wearing one?  What happened to men taking off their hats when entering a home?

Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but it seems to me that it’s time to return to some of Emily Post’s dictums.  The world has become casual, more friendly, open, but maybe it’s time to bring back a little bit of glamor.  That’s a reason I enjoy Chrysler’s new auto ad.

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