March Madness


Potted Pansies

Rainy day in the mountains means spring time is almost here!  We’ve had enough snow to last  until 2016!  But it was beautiful to look at….and some exceptional snow sculptures were made in the area.  Unfortunately….I didn’t get any photos!

But now it’s time to look for pansies for the window boxes and deck pots.  Always makes the Inn look so festive.  I get my flowers from nearby Wintergreen Farm which has healthy Tennessee grown flowers and plants.   Time for a trip to their greenhouses!

But what I really want to tell you about is our March Madness Special! Pay for two nights before March 31, 2015 and then you can use that credit any time before the end of the year except for special events, holidays and October.  So instead of paying $400.00 per two night visit, you only pay $300.00 plus tax.  That’s a very nice savings!  So give us a call at 423-768-2446 to reserve or book on-line if you know when you’d like to come.

Remember, this offer is only good until March 31, 2015!  Don’t delay, call today!  423-768-2446.

Looking forward to sharing the magic of the mountains with you.

Bubble Bathw

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How To Cook a Wolf

How To Cook A Wolf

Back in 1942 when food supplies were beginning to be limited and people were trying to make do with less, a famous cookbook author, M.K. Fisher wrote a wonderful cookbook called How To Cook A Wolf.  My mother, NOT a chef, barely even a cook, purchased the book to see how she might make our food ration stamps go further.

Today, I enjoy reading the Table of Contents before even checking the recipes:

I.How to be sage without hemlock
II. How to catch the wolf
III. How to distribute your virtue
IV. How to boil water
V. How to greet the spring
VI.How not to boil an egg

And the list goes on till XXI – How to practice true economy

The book not only contains recipes for meals like Turkish Hash, but also how to make Vodka.  The one recipe my mother used most was for hard sauce.   Mother didn’t make pies, but she did make Apple Brown Betty and the hard sauce made it seem extra special.  We often had it on Sunday dinner as a treat.

Hard Sauce
¼ cup butter (or vegetable shortening, I hate to admit)   ED NOTE:  I remember squeezing the margarine packages to get the “butter color”
½ cup powdered sugar
2 Tablespoons lemon juice
Rum (if you like it

Beat until very fluffy.  (Add ¼ cup chopped nits if desired.) ED NOTE: We never had nuts

Chill in a bowl and serve with hot gingerbread or any other hot cake….or as we did Apple Brown Betty


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Valentine’s Special Weekend

lazy bearLike the bear, maybe you’ll go over the  mountain and wonder what you will find?

Valentine’s Weekend special things are happening at the Inn….want to know how to be part of the festivities?  Give us a call or check our website and there, right on the first page is all the information you will need to make your reservation for a memorable special getaway.

As soon as you drive up the mountain you know you’re in for a treat!  Who knows…if you are lucky you’ll be snowed in on Sunday and have to call your boss to tell him you won’t be at work on Monday!  Only if you want to, of course.

Better call right away because there are only 2 rooms left for Valentine’s weekend,  423-768-2446.

Can’t get away that weekend?  Well, we are offering Sweetheart Specials all month long so check you calendar and give us a call,  We’ll have the candles round the whirlpool tub waiting for you,.

Looking forward to sharing the magic of the mountains with you next weekend,

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Valentine’s Romance

February is here in less than 12 hours so it’s time to think about what you will do for your sweetheart this month.

  • A romantic getaway in the mountains?  Of course!
  • A romantic candlelight dinner? Of course!
  • A whirlpool tub with candles and champagne?  Of course!
  • One perfect red rose?  Of course!
  • Bottomless cookie jar filled with chocolate chip cookies?  Of course!

Now that you have an idea of what you want for this special romantic getaway, where will you find everything you are looking for?

  •  The Iron Mountain Inn B&B in Butler, TN, of course!

So give the Inn a call to reserve your room and make your dinner reservations before there are no rooms left!

  • 423-768-2446 is the number to call?  Of course!

Looking forward to sharing the magic of the mountains with you and your sweetheart in February…..especially the 13th and 14th!

A great start to Valentine's breakfast

Valentine’s Trifle

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Watauga Lake in winter

Spring, summer and fall are when most people come to NorthEast Tennessee to enjoy our mountains, streams and Watauga Lake.  But winter is a spectacular time on the Lake…no one else, well, maybe a fisherman or two, but not many boats and no water skiers!

Watauga Lake is a dammed up river, the Watauga River which comes down from the Blue Ridge Mountains and is joined by thousands of small streams, rivers and creeks flowing out of the Cherokee Forest mountains.

In 1948 the gates were closed on the dam and the Watauga River backed up over the town of Butler and other small communities along the shore and became Watauga Lake, over 6000 acres of beautiful pristine water.  Contrary to often-repeated but unsupported claims, Watauga is not the third cleanest lake in the USA. Watauga Lake’s ecological health is rated “good” by the TVA – its third highest recorded rating to date.  And 80% of the shoreline is part of the Cherokee National Forest and cannot be built on creating a wonderful home for bald eagles, red tail hawks and many other birds.

Fishing is allowed year round and the lake and streams are also stocked periodically throughout the year from the fish hatchery in Erwin, TN.  Walleye, trout, bass, carp and so many more types of fish are waiting for you.

Bring your own boat and launch from one of various launch areas – some require a fee, some are free.  There are often days during the winter when it is warm enough to go for a ride on Watauga even in February or March.  But better get back in before the sun sinks behind Iron Mountain or you’ll get chilly very quickly.

lake shoreline

Watauga Lake shoreline

Walking along the shore when the lake is down – let down by the Tennessee Valley Authority in winter about 30′ – the shoreline is revealed.  It’s quite amazing what a short walk along the shore will discover!

Come share the magic of the mountains and Watauga Lake with us at the Iron Mountain Inn B&B or Creekside Chalet.

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Valentine’s Weekend….and Friday the 13th…..

A great start to Valentine's breakfast

Valentine’s Trifle

The Iron Mountain Inn B&B is planning a very special romantic getaway over the weekend of February 13 and 14 and even unto the 15th!

No bad luck here on Friday the 13th – in fact, we think you will be very lucky to be part of the festivities on this weekend when you join us.  Limited number of rooms…we only have 3 left.

And what, you ask is planned?

Two nights in your choice of available rooms.
Candles and bubble bath for your whirlpool “spooning” tub.
Two full breakfasts served overlooking the mountains surrounding you.
One perfect red rose in a bud vase to take home.
Cheese and fruit platter.
Complimentary champagne or sparkling cider in “take home” flutes.
Bottomless cookie jar filled with chocolate chip cookies (gluten free available).
Romance on a budge… $435 plus tax.
Add a third night for only $125 more.
Add a candlelight dinner for only $25 per person more plus tax.

Call 1-423-768-2446 to Reserve Your Romantic Valentine’s Getaway Special.

Bubble Bath

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Hiking on a Winter Day

When I first cleared the trail and hiked it regularly, it took me 45 minutes.  Had a guest who did it in 18 minutes, but I didn’t time him!  Today is took me almost an hour and a half – that’s what happens when you get a little older and very lazy!  Time to turn back one of those clocks and start walking/hiking/running – whatever it takes to get the legs in shape again.

But what a beautiful day!  Warm, sunny, absolutely bright blue sky, not a breath of wind or bird song!  Just my heavy breathing from climbing up the mountain.  Even stopped a couple of times to rest on an old stump.  But what views from the ridge!  I could see all the way into North Carolina and Virginia – hard to see this view in summer when the trees are covered with leaves.  Which is why I like hiking at this time of year when the weather cooperates.

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